90% of Omicron infected individuals in Montreal were fully vaccinated

The Montreal public health said of the 95 cases of the Omicron variant in the city of Montreal, 90% were fully vaccinated. 


The newest COVID variant has been the subject of much hysteric coverage from the mainstream media, despite data showing the variant is likely less lethal than previous variants.

Many experts have compared the Omicron variant to a simple cold, saying symptoms often include a short-lived headache and a runny nose. 

The Montreal public health has detected 95 cases of the Omicron variant in the city. Of those 95 cases, 90% occurred in individuals that had received two COVID-19 vaccine doses. 

The median age of the people infected is 32 years old. 

“Before Christmas, I recommend avoiding face-to-face holiday parties such as office, college or university parties”, the Montreal public health director said. 

She also admitted there was not enough data to show that a third dose would offer additional protection against Omicron. 

“In terms of disease severity, it is thought that a third dose might give some protection. But we lack the data to evaluate this”, she added. 

Despite the lack of data, governments around the world are pushing for a mass booster vaccination campaign.

In Canada, the government is pushing vaccines as the only COVID-19 mitigation strategy, ignoring the highly effective therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies used widely in the United States. 

The Omicron cases occurring in vaccinated individuals also raise questions about the validity of the discrimination against unvaccinated individuals. In most Canadian provinces, unvaccinated individuals are not allowed in public events and restaurants.

Unvaccinated individuals in Canada cannot take a plane or a train and can be banned from grocery stores in at least one province. 

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