A chaotic night that raises questions

The current United State Election is definitely not a typical election. On the day after the election, we find ourselves with no clear winner and with many questions.

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While the President has held Florida and Texas, two states that democrats thought they could flip, the count is not yet over for Georgia and North Carolina but the president is leading with a narrow margin.

Early in the morning around 2 am, the President held a solid lead in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, pointing to a likely victory for Donald Trump.

However, a few hours later, Biden took the lead in Wisconsin and Michigan.

In Michigan, an update added 128,000 votes that were all in favour of the democratic candidate (Biden, 100%: Trump, 0%).

This is statistically very unlikely, but Twitter and social media acted fast to censor the spread of these revelations.

The election’s results are likely to be contested in the Federal Courts and possibly before the Supreme Court.

While candidates may claim victory, it will likely be days before a clear winner is designated.

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