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Westphalian Times is an independent news outlet that seeks to report on world news and provides readers with sources to learn more, which is commonly left out of mainstream publications.

In an era where big tech and questionable “fact-checkers” can agree beforehand on what the “truth” is, Independent Media has become more important now than ever before.

A democracy in which the media have a vested interest in which government wins elections is not a healthy democracy.

We believe that journalists should always adopt the role of truth-seekers and watchdogs. When large media organizations become reliant on government funding, this role is compromised.

Journalists and news outlets that have become reliant on government funding and subsidies will show an inherent bias for the parties that will keep funding them, and they will foster a negative view of those that do not.

This is why independent journalism is important now more than ever. The role of journalists in our society is one of watchdogs. One cannot be a watchdog when they are on the government’s payroll.

This is why Westphalian Times was launched on the premise of independent journalism. We do not receive any funds from any level of government. Your contributions are what keeps us seeking the truth.

Our objective is to inform citizens around the world about current events while promoting the ideas of nation-state, tradition, truth, and free speech.


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