Adam Skelly released on bail with condition not to “use, communicate or post” on social media

The owner of Adamson BBQ who earlier this week defied Ontario’s strict lockdown measures to open his restaurant was released yesterday night after being arrested on Thursday and charged with nine counts.

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Adamson raised nearly $250,000 for his legal defense fund through crowdfunding via GoFundMe.

Skelly was arrested earlier this week after defying the province’s strict lockdown measures. 

It didn’t take long for individual donors to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to legally support Skelly. 

I just spent over 30 hours detained for a mischief and obstruction charge. That’s something that most people don’t even get brought in for.

It took so long today because the crown attorney was being advised at the provincial level on what my bail should be. one of those bail conditions is that I’m not allowed to use, communicate or post on social media.

To me, that is very interesting. I wonder what it is that the province doesn’t want everybody to know. 

Adam Skelly upon his release

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