Pouliot: “Statists have seized the opportunity of the health crisis to advance their Great Reset agenda”

Adrien Pouliot is a businessman and former leader of the Quebec Conservative Party. Simon Leduc interviewed him.

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Q: A few months ago, Justin Trudeau talked about the “Great Reset”. What is this concept?

A: I am not a conspiracy theorist who thinks that the virus was invented by Bill Gates to control the planet. But I do see that the statists have seized the opportunity of the health crisis to advance their Great Reset agenda.

In his book COVID-19: The Great Reset, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab writes that the COVID-19 crisis should be seen as an opportunity that can be seized to create the kind of changes and policy choices that will put economies on the path to a more just future…

François Legault is right to say that Quebecers want to return to a normal life. But the statists, for their part, want nothing to do with the old normality, especially that of capitalist countries. They want a “new” normality in line with their socialist vision of a world with increasingly centralized, coordinated and omnipresent governments.

So don’t be surprised if you hear WHO experts telling us again and again that we may have been able to control the virus with vaccines (but we don’t know how long the immunity will last) but that there are new, very dangerous and highly contagious variants on our doorstep and that we must not give up and abolish the health emergency.

The statists will look for every reason to maintain this emergency as long as possible to advance their agenda of the Great Reset, which is nothing more than a political propaganda campaign wrapped in a cloak of inevitability.

Q: Do you think an independent public inquiry should be set up to shed light on the shortcomings of our health care system during the pandemic?

A: I believe that such an exercise is essential in order to understand why Quebec’s health care system failed miserably, especially during the first wave. I believe that such an investigation could lead to an in-depth reform of the public health network. The public monopoly has not delivered the goods. As a result, the health system needs private input to improve.

I think François Legault has a golden opportunity to make this reform. He is all alone on the ice. So, he must take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the premier is going to do so, because he believes strongly in a public monopoly. We must not forget that François Legault is a disciple of the Quebec model. Therefore, nothing will change under the CAQ and Quebecers will come out the losers.

Q: What are your impressions on the Quebec Conservative leadership race?

A: I think it’s going very well. We are fortunate to have a duel between two quality candidates, Éric Duhaime and Daniel Brisson. The former brings with him political experience and notoriety, which is no small feat. On the other hand, I must say that Daniel Brisson also makes a good campaign. He has concocted a good political program with good ideas.

So, the two debates between the two protagonists will be interesting and this will allow members to make an informed choice next April. In addition, the number of members has increased significantly since the beginning of the race and this is good news for a small party like the CPQ.

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