All 125 members of Quebec National Assembly vote in favor of controversial Bill C-10

On Tuesday, May 11, all members of the Quebec National Assembly voted unanimously to support the controversial Bill C-10, which seeks to regulate content posted on the internet.

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All members of the Quebec Solidaire and Parti Quebecois who support Quebec’s independence voted in favor of the bill which would grant regulatory power to the CRTC, a federal regulatory body. 

The motion in-favor of the controversial Bill C-10 was tabled by Catherine Dorion, an MNA for Quebec Solidaire, the province’s far-left party.

The motion asked the National Assembly to recognize “that Quebec’s cultural production and its specificity are threatened by the lack of regulation of large online content platforms such as Netflix or Spotify”. [Translated]

Dorion’s motion also sought to recognize that “the current Bill C-10 […] constitutes a significant advance for the protection and promotion of Quebec culture and that, consequently, (the National Assembly) affirms its support for the measures proposed by this bill.”  [Translated]

The motion, which passed unanimously in the Quebec National Assembly, also demanded that the Canadian Federal government regulate digital platforms in a strict manner to ensure “a large share” of Francophone content was accessible. 

The Quebec MNAs did not address the concerns over free-speech that the bill has generated in English Canada. The motion made no mention of concerns about the bill’s potential Charter violations.

Bill C-10’s description reads: “The Act sets out the broadcasting policy for Canada, the role and powers of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the Commission) in regulating and supervising the broadcasting system, and the mandate for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The Act plays an important role in supporting Canada’s cultural industries and ensuring Canadian content is available and accessible.”

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