Justin Trudeau appears on Drag Queen TV show amidst rampant domestic inflation, housing crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an appearance on a “drag queen” TV show. 


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a guest appearance on Canada’s Drag Race, a show which depicts adult men dressing up as women and engaging in various challenges. 

Despite being the center of controversy from a public inquiry commission about his use of the Emergencies Act in February 2022 to violently end the peaceful “Freedom Convoy” protest in Ottawa, PM Justin Trudeau found time in his agenda to appear on the program. 

Canada is also struggling with rampant inflation and one of the worst housing affordability crisis in industrialized countries. 

So-called ‘Drag Queens’, or adult men dressing up as women as often performing highly sexualized dancing, has become the center of controversy in recent years.

Parents criticized the organization of ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ where adult men dress as women, often in suggestive clothing, and read a story to children. 

“Condragulations, Canada!”, a Global News journalist wrote non-ironically on Twitter in reaction to the clip. 

“Why is this something to be proud of? This makes Trudeau and Canada look like an absolute joke…”, political commentator Viva Frei responded. 

“As if Trudeau hasn’t embarrassed Canada enough”, one user wrote. 

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