Another night of chaos in Portland ; a summary

Westphalian Times compiled some of the highlights of Saturday’s riots in Portland, Oregon. As our reader will realize, these were by no means “peaceful” demonstrations.

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This weekend marks a continuation of the protests in Portland, Oregon that started with the death of George Floyd while in police custody on May 25th, 2020. The protests in Portland have occurred nightly for more than 70 days now. 

Last night, protesters who had generally been housed at their main target, the federal courthouse for these unlawful activities, began finding aim at other targets.

About 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of the federal courthouse, the offices of the Portland Police Association, which is Portland’s police union, were once again targeted and arsoned. This is the third time rioters have broken into the police unions offices. 

The scene outside the Portland Police Association offices before rioters arsoned the building:

After rioters broke into the offices and set fire to the building, the Portland Police Department declared the gathering a ‘riot’:

The area of North Portland is largely a residential neighborhood.

While in the residential neighborhood, riots awaken sleeping residents to threats to “burn your building down” and to calls that “we know where you live!”.

In the video below, you can hear a rioter say “”you’ve really internalized capitalism if you’re more worried about getting a good night’s sleep so you can f*cking work”. 

Earlier in the night the rioters and protesters in the streets chanted “every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground”

A Portland resident talked to independent journalist Sergio Olmos speaking out against the rioters in Portland. He condemns antifa for attacking black owned businesses, stating that they set fire to an entire plaza. He says they do not stand for black lives matter and asks rioters to “stop this nonsense”. 

Earlier in the day, in a counter to the violent protests that have been seen widespread across the city, Sean Feucht Ministries from Seattle decided to hold a “Riots Revival” which grew a large crowd. They came to “bring their worship to a town that so desperately needs it.”

During the event, several Portland residents were baptized, an affiliate from the ministry said “we’re gonna do baptisms tonight, and I know that we’ve got some young people that are fired up to baptize people”. 

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