As support for strict lockdown falls in Quebec, Premier will start blocking negative comments on his social media

As the support for the strict lockdown measures in the province of Quebec falls sharply, the premier says he noticed an influx of negative messages on his social media accounts, and that he will go into clean-up mode.

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The province of Quebec has perhaps been, along with Ontario, the most locked-down province of Canada, and perhaps the most locked-down territory in North America.

Most dine-in restaurants in the province have been closed for six months now. The province is still under curfew every night despite the low case counts.

Family members have not been able to see each other since September 2020.

In a January 2021 poll, only 31% of respondents agreed with the following statement: “restrictions due to the COVID-19 have lasted long enough, it is time to regain our freedom”.  

Three months later, the number has jumped by 15%. Now 46% of respondents say it is time to regain freedom and lift the restrictions.

Accordingly, the premier has felt his support fade on social media. The messages used to be positive, he said, “but that has changed in the last few months.”

“Every time I post now, I get a barrage of aggressive, sometimes even violent comments, and insults, obscenities and even threats”, the premier wrote on his Facebook page.

Instead of trying to listen to his population and the frustrations of Quebecers, the premier has decided to clean up his accounts: “We have to do something, and we’re going to start with this page. I’ve asked my team to clean it up. Starting today, we’re going to try to curb all the posts that we deem aggressive, violent, threatening, obscene, and also the conspiracy theory type of lies. And the threats will be transferred to the police”, Legault wrote.

Despite almost half of Quebecers wanting an end to the excessive restrictions, of the 125 Members of the National Assembly of Quebec, not one advocates for a return to normalcy and an end to lockdowns.

Not a single member has argued for an end to the curfew. Quebec is the only territory in North America that has maintained a curfew every night for months now, despite numerous proofs that the measure has no efficacy.

While opposition is rapidly increasing in the province, the premier has no plans to ease the restrictions, fearing a “third wave” narrative largely promoted by the province’s media.

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