As U.S. under Biden administration enters a recession, Wikipedia changes the definition of ‘recession’

As the United States officially entered into a recession on Thursday, July 28, Wikipedia changed the definition of “recession”.

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On July 28, 2022, newly released data showed that the U.S. GDP decreased by 0.9% in the second quarter of 2022, its second GDP decline in a row. 

For decades, the widely accepted indicator of a recession was two-quarters of negative GDP growth in a row. 

As the United States officially passed this threshold and entered into a recession, Wikipedia changed its page on “recession” to remove the widely-accepted definition. 

“There is no global consensus on the definition of a recession”, the Wikipedia page falsely added on July 27, echoing radical Democratic talking points put out by the Biden White House. 

Wikipedia is losing its objectivity”, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter, tagging Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales.

“What is a recession? While some maintain that two consecutive quarters of falling real GDP constitute a recession, that is neither the official definition nor the way economists evaluate the state of the business cycle”, The Biden White House wrote on July 21, 2022, in a string of false and misleading statements. 

Users online have pointed out that the Democrats and legacy media outlets are trying to deflect the reality of the ongoing recession because it is a result of a failed political agenda. 

Most of the media coverage failed to accurately report that the U.S. entered into a recession, instead using vague words like “looming” recession. 

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