BBC Staff urged to develop “trans brand”, told there’s “more than 150 genders”, while organization allegedly suppresses stories challenging trans activism

Staff of the British Broadcasting Corporation are being urged to believe in promote gender ideology, according to material from within the organization.

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According to The Telegraph, radio producers, editors, and some department heads were urged to attend “training sessions” by a transgender group intended for staff of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

According to leaked material to The Telegraph, staff members were told about various pronouns such as “xe, xem, xyrs”.

The staff of the media organization was also told that people could “self-identify themselves in over 150 ways, and increasing”.

Members of the staff were also urged to add their pronouns to their email signature in order to be “part of [the] trans brand”, and to show they are “inclusive and welcoming… brilliant show of ally support”.

The Global Butterflies, the organization which led the training session for BBC employees, said traditional and grammatically correct pronouns like he/she could generate “discomfort, stress and anxiety” for those who do not identify with the traditional pronouns.

A whistleblower from the BBC also told The Telegraph that the media organization was “suppressing stories” which challenged trans activism.

“The BBC simply doesn’t understand what’s going on with gender identity ideology”, the whistleblower told The Telegraph.

“They’ve been pandering to a social contagion amongst young people rather than being the adult in the room. ‘Inform and educate’ from the BBC Charter has left the BBC when it covers trans issues”, the whistleblower added.

The revelations come as mainstream media organizations like the BBC are being questioned on their ideological biases.

The BBC is funded by British taxpayers who must pay over 150 euros per year to legally access broadcast television.

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