Biden Classified Docs found in a third location

Classified docs were found in a third location as president Joe Biden is under scrutiny.

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Classified docs were found today in Joe Biden’s Delaware house.

This is the third location in which classified documents were negligibly left behind by Joe Biden.

Earlier this month, classified documents were found at his former office in the Penn Biden Center in Washington. 

Last week, it was revealed that classified documents were found in Biden’s garage as well. 

His house in Delaware is not the third location where classified documents have been found.

Mainstream media outlets are struggling to come up with a narrative to defend the double standard as the FBI raided former president Donald Trump’s house last year for a similar offense. 

It is unclear whether the documents were forgotten in these locations by Biden, who has been struggling cognitively for some time, or whether they were left there for other purposes. 

Unlike Trump’s classified documents probe, the FBI did not raid any location of Biden’s classified documents and does not appear to be getting involved in the issue.

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