Biden’s approval hits historical low amongst key demographics, only 22% with young adults 

New polling suggests president Biden’s approval has sunk even lower. 

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A poll released on Wednesday by Quinnipiac University reveals that U.S. president Joe Biden’s job performance has sunk to 33% approval. 

Key demographics for the Democratic Party are also highly unsatisfied with the president’s performance. 

Only 22% of Americans in the 18-34 age group approve of Joe Biden’s performance, while 24% of hispanics and 49% of black voters approve of his performance. 

A staggering 64% of Americans say they disapprove of Biden’s job on the economy, with over one third of respondents saying inflation is the most important issue at the moment.

Biden’s strongest demographic remains senior citizens aged 65 and older, 43% of which approve of his job performance.

Despite the unprecedented inflation, which shows no sign of easing, the president’s agenda has focused on social justice, gun control and abortion rights. 

Biden’s presidency has been marked by a weakening economy, rampant inflation which has hurt the most vulnerable, and numerous international policy fiascos such as the exit from Afghanistan. 

The war in Ukraine and the energy price increase have also put under light the administration’s green policy agenda and its many vulnerabilities. 

The Democrats are looking for electoral issues to boost their popularity in the coming midterm elections. The president and his party are trying to make gun control and abortion rights a voting issue, but a growing segment of the electorate is focused on the economy and stopping inflation. 

Many voters also blame the president and the Democratic Party for causing the inflationary pressures by passing stimulus packages that dramatically expanded the money in circulation. 

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