Bill Gates now owns more farmland than anyone else in America

Bill Gates has risen to fame after founding Microsoft, the now-famous software and computer company. Gates has been inching away from Microsoft in the past few years, pursuing ventures of his own.


Among other things, the Bill and Melinda gates have put large efforts into eradicating polio in third-world countries through vaccination. 

Gates is currently the fourth richest man in the world, and a significant part of that wealth has been invested in farmland.

Over the past years, Gates has been quietly buying farmland across America. As of today, Gates owns more than 242,000 acres in 18 different U.S. states, according to The Land Report

Gates’ largest is in Louisiana where the multibillionaire owns nearly 70,000 acres. Arkansas comes second with nearly 50,000 acres and Nebraska is third at 21,000 acres. 

While Gates is the largest farmland owner, he is not the largest individual landowner.

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