BLM ‘protesters’ target restaurant-goers in Rochester, NY

Last night in Rochester, New York protests erupted for the third night after a video from March depicted Daniel Prude’s treatment by police which ultimately led to his death a week later.

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AS the protests continued during the day, at night it took a turn, and BLM and Antifa protesters turned their sights on restaurant patrons. 

The video from last night’s protests shows protestors swarming local restaurants, accosting restaurant-goers, and forcing people up from their meals.

One group of restaurant goers has their entire meal swiped from their table as they are forced out of their chairs and told to exit the area by BLM protesters. 

As the night continued on, so did the chaos in the streets with the police declaring the protest ‘an illegal assembly’. 

Fires were started and tear gas was dispatched as the night went on.

Fireworks were thrown at the police in retaliation against the teargas the police dispatched to clear the streets. 

Photo credit: @SCOOTERCASTER (FNTV) on Twitter.

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