Bloc Québécois MPs demand perpetual media bailout fund

Martin Champoux, the Bloc Québécois MP for Drummond, Que, introduced a motion on Wednesday for the Commons Heritage Committee to evaluate the possibility of a long-term, recurring media bailout fund financed by Canadian taxpayers.

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The Conservatives opposed the Bloc’s motion for a recurring bailout fund.

In 2018, the Trudeau government announced a $600M media bailout package in incentive and subsidies.

Trudeau has also delivered on massive increases in the funding of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

With this multi-million bailout package, it is no surprise that the mainstream media’s coverage of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party has been overwhelmingly positives and uncritical.

The role of the press in a free society is to be a watchdog. Journalists must remain independent so that they can ask hard questions and dig where the government does not want them to dig.

When a journalist’s payroll becomes dependent on the government, there is an obvious and problematic lack of independence. A journalist cannot be a watchdog when he or she is reliant on the government.

This isn’t the first bad idea from the Bloc, and it very likely isn’t their last one either.

Support Quality Journalism.

Independent journalism is important now more than ever. The role of journalists in our society is one of watchdogs. One cannot be a watchdog when they are on the government’s payroll. 

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