BREAKING: 15 Alberta United Conservative Party MLA’s come out against Jason Kenney’s latest public health restrictions

On Wednesday, several United Conservative Party caucus members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta posted on their social media accounts a letter coming out against Jason Kenney's latest COVID-19 restrictions for Alberta.

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On Tuesday, April 6, Jason Kenney’s government announced new COVID-19 restrictions for the province of Alberta, reverting back to Step 1 of its public health restriction framework.

The new restrictions include reintroducing 15% capacity limits for retail and will close down indoor dining, gyms, and libraries. 

Jason Kenney’s own UCP MLA’s wrote, “we do not support the additional restrictions imposed on Albertans,”.

In the announcement, UCP MLA’s say that constituents want them to “defend their livelihoods and freedoms”.

The MLA’s also state that “For months, we have raised these concerns at the highest levels of government and unfortunately, the approach of the Government has remained the same.”

Read the entire announcement below:

More details to come.

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