BREAKING: Conservative Caucus Votes to Expel Derek Sloan

In an email, MP Derek Sloan wrote that on Wednesday, January 20th his former Conservative caucus colleagues voted to expel the MP from the caucus. In the email, Sloan urged members and his supports to retain their party membership and delegate position and to prepare for the upcoming policy convention in March.

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In an email, Derek Sloan said he will now sit in the House of Commons as an independent MP and will “still vote, debate, and represent true conservative values and policies.”

“No matter how callous and misguided today’s actions by Erin and my colleagues were, we have much work to do in the next two months as we prepare for the policy convention in March.” Sloan wrote. 

Sloan continued, “Of course, the undemocratic forces within our Party want to see good, democratic, conservatives purged from this convention process. Do not let them. That is exactly what Erin O’Toole wants.”

“No matter how ugly- how undemocratic- the events of the last two days have been, always remember, the Party is not the personal property of Erin O’Toole; the CPC belongs to you- the grassroots of the Party. I encourage you to use your voice, to stand up, and represent conservative values with this convention.”


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