BREAKING: Justice Centre files court challenge to end lockdowns in Alberta

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has announced that it has filed a court challenge to the Orders made by the Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health stating that the CMOH Orders “are issued in contravention of the Alberta Bill of Rights”.

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The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is a federally registered Canadian legal charity that, through pro bono legal representation, seeks to defend citizens’ “fundamental freedoms under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.

The Court Challenge filed on December 4, 2020, seeks to end “to end the violation of Albertans’ Charter freedoms.”

The court challenge comes after the Alberta Government on Nov. 24 declared a second state of public health emergency

The Justice Centre court challenge is representing two Alberta churches and two individuals alongside Alberta lawyer Jeffrey Rath who represents another individual. 

The Justice Centre wrote that “Since March 16, 2020, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) has pronounced 40 public health orders that have crushed constitutionally-protected rights and freedoms as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

“As part of the court challenge the Justice Centre will argue that that CMOH Orders violate multiple Charter-protected rights, such as the right to peacefully assemble, the right to visit friends and family, the right to freely practice religious beliefs, the right to travel and the right to conduct business and earn a living.”

Continuing, “The Justice Centre will further argue that these constitutional rights violations are not justified because lockdowns cause far more harm than whatever harm from COVID-19 lockdown measures may prevent.”

The lawyer in the challenge James Kitchen says in a news release,

“In a free society, the government respects citizens as they exercise their freedom and responsibility to respond to a perceived crisis as they deem best for themselves and their loved ones. Arbitrary and authoritarian control, based on fearmongering by the government, only ever exasperates the problems facing society, as we have seen for the last nine months. Politicians have not put forward any persuasive evidence that lockdowns have saved lives, but there is no question that lockdowns have caused grave harm to millions of Canadians suffering unemployment, poverty, cancelled surgeries, suicides, isolation and the loss of their liberty,”

Kitchen continues, “The people of Alberta have suffered under the oppression of a medical dictatorship for long enough. The soul-destroying lockdowns have wrought havoc. It’s time for Albertans to get their freedom back,” 

Newly released data from the Alberta government shows that 77.1% of COVID deaths occurred in patients with three or more comorbidities.

Patients with two comorbidities represented 15.9% of deaths while patients with one comorbidity represented 5%. 

Patients with no comorbidity represented only 2% of deaths.

The most common comorbidity in COVID-related deaths was hypertension, present in 87.6% of the deceased. 

The second most common was dementia, present in 57.7% of COVID deaths. Cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, renal diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer, and stroke were among the most prevalent comorbidities. 

The average age for COVID cases that died in Alberta is 82 years while Canada’s life expectancy is 79 years for men and 83 years for women according to Statistics Canada

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