BREAKING: Ontario extends stay-at-home order, imposes strict new health measures and expands police powers

On Friday, April 16, the Ontario government announced that the current stay-at-home order will be extended and strict new measures will be introduced in the province.


During the press conference today, the government of Ontario announced strict new measures which include new provincial police powers, all outdoor gatherings with people outside your household will be banned, playgrounds closed, nearly all outdoor recreational activities to be restricted, places of worship, funerals and weddings will have a capacity limit of 10 people, non-essential construction will be halted, border-checks will be introduced at the Quebec and Manitoba borders, essential retail locations will be limited to 25% capacity, among many other new restrictions. 

Additionally, police will now be given the authority to ask anyone outside or in a car why they are not at home for the mandated stay-at-home order and the police may ask for their address. If an individual fails to provide a valid reason to not be home, they may receive a ticket of approximately $750.

The government will also be sending inspectors to workplaces to check that only essential workers are in workplaces. 

More details to come. 

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