CANADA BEHIND: Country now ranks 37th in vaccination per capita, behind Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and dozen others.

Canada’s lag with other industrialized nations on the vaccination front keeps expanding: the country has now fallen behind to the 37th position in terms of vaccine doses administered by 100 people.

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Canada has vaccinated 2.83% of its population, a tiny fraction of Israel’s current 61.27% of the population vaccinated.

The United Kingdom ranks number four with 18.75% of its population vaccinated. The United States currently sits in the fifth position with 12.79% of its population vaccinated, a total of administered doses of 42,023,521.

In comparison, Canada has only administered 1,061,720 doses, less than the 1,641,158 administered doses in Poland or the 2,612,742 doses administered in Turkey.

Canada is also the only G7 country that has taken doses from COVAX, the food bank equivalent for vaccine doses intended to help industrializing countries.

Justin Trudeau’s inaction has been largely criticized for the slow and ineffective vaccine rollout.

The prime minister did not effectively work with biomedical companies and manufacturers over the last year to ensure Canada was ready to manufacture doses.

Trudeau’s vaccine plan relied heavily on communist China which proved to be a letdown. The prime minister was slow to secure doses with Pfizer and Moderna.  

Canada’s poor positioning in the vaccination rollout will likely result in a longer period until a return to normalcy can be achieved.

If lockdowns are maintained because the vaccine rollout is too slow, job losses could increase and push the Canadian economy over the edge.

In January, the Canadian economy lost 213,000 jobs.

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