CANADA BEHIND: Country now ranks 41 in vaccine doses administered per capita, behind Croatia, Hungary, Poland and dozen others

Canada keeps falling behind on the vaccination front: a week ago, the country was ranked 37th in doses administered per 100 people. The country has now fallen further to the 41st position.

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Canada ranks behind Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia and dozen others.

Israel is currently leading the vaccination campaign with over 70% of its population vaccinated, a total of 6,377,389 doses administered.

The United States ranks fifth with 53,797,178 doses administered, nearly 17 doses administered per 100 people.

Canada has administered 1,269,039, over fifty times less than its U.S. neighbor, resulting in a meek 3.38 doses administered per 100 people.

Canada’s smaller population should have made the vaccination campaign easier, but Justin Trudeau’s reliance on Chinese Communist allies for the manufacturing of the vaccine proved to be a losing bet.

His failure to prepare a manufacturing infrastructure to get doses to Canadians rapidly will likely result in months, if not a year and more, of delays over other countries that have an efficient vaccination strategy.

Canada’s poor positioning in the vaccination rollout will likely result in a longer period until a return to normalcy can be achieved.

If lockdowns are maintained because the vaccine rollout is too slow, job losses could increase and push the Canadian economy over the edge.

In January, the Canadian economy lost 213,000 jobs.

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