Canada loses 213,000 jobs in January

The unemployment rate in Canada surged to 9.4% as 213,000 jobs were lost in January.


This massive job loss is five times what economists expected.

Numerous provinces remained under lockdown in January. The closure of “non-essential” retail and dine-in restaurants took a heavy toll on the job market.

Most of the jobs lost were in Quebec and Ontario. Both provinces lost a combined 251,000 jobs, partially offset by small job gains in other provinces.

“When I see these jobs numbers, I think about the Canadians who are being left behind by this Liberal government. I think about the families who have to stretch every dollar just a little more. That is why I care so much about the vaccine rollout. We cannot secure jobs and reopen our economy until we vaccinate Canadians”, Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole said on Monday morning.

In the last year, Canada has lost a total of 858,000 jobs.

Over 500,000 Canadians have kept their job but are now working less hours.

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