Canada to ban sale of all new fuel-powered cars and light-trucks in 2035, instead of initial 2040 target

On Tuesday, the Liberal government announced it would be speeding up its goal to ban the sale of new fuel-power cars and light-trucks from 2035, the ban was initially set for a 2040 target.

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Liberal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced that by 2035 all new cars and light-trucks sold in Canada must be zero-emission vehicles. 

On Twitter, the Transport Minister wrote “Canada’s going electric!”. Adding that, “To build a greener economy, create good jobs, and put Canadians in the driver’s seat to a net-zero future, our government is accelerating its mandatory sales target of 100% zero-emission vehicles from 2040 to 2035.”

The Liberal Minister for the Environment added that, “Today represents another step forward in demonstrating climate leadership that will enable us to meet Canada’s climate commitments, while positioning this country to succeed economically in the low-carbon world of the future.”

The Minister of Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, who is also undertook the controversial internet regulation bill, Bill C-10, said in the announcement that, 

“Transportation accounts for one-quarter of Canada’s emissions. The Advisory Council on Climate Action, which I co-chaired, made the uptake of zero emission vehicles across Canada a key element of its recommendations in 2019. By increasing our ambitions on zero-emission vehicles, and by taking the measures needed to achieve them, we’re joining an increasing number of other jurisdictions, including Quebec, which have set 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales targets. This important additional step today will help meet our goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

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