Canada to finally lift all border restrictions on October 1st, drop mandatory mask mandate on airplanes and trains

The Trudeau government is finally following most of the industrialized world in dropping its COVID-19 border restrictions.

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The Trudeau government will stop banning unvaccinated foreigners from entering the countries, months after evidence proved the vaccine did not prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

The mandatory mask mandate on federal transports including planes and trains will be lifted, numerous months after every Canadian province lifted the provincial mask mandates.

The use of the infamous ArriveCan app will no longer be mandatory.

It is unclear whether the United States will follow Canada in lifting its COVID-19 border restrictions. The Biden administration still requires foreign travelers to be vaccinated, despite a mountain of scientific evidence that the vaccine does not prevent the spread of the virus.

The Trudeau government’s decision comes shortly after the leadership race of Pierre Poilievre as the leader of the opposition party, the Conservative Party of Canada.

Poilievre has been a fierce critic of Trudeau’s divisive COVID mandates and economic agenda.

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