Canada’s public health considering monkeypox vaccination in Quebec

Canada’s federal public health department is considering sending monkeypox vaccines to Quebec after a few cases were detected in the province.

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The public health agency of Canada is considering whether to send monkeypox vaccines to be administered in Quebec where a few cases have been detected, La Presse reported on Friday. 

Dr. Howard Njoo, the Deputy Chief Public Health Officer said the agency is talking with the province of Quebec to determine a “possible use” of the monkeypox vaccines. 

La Presse reported that two cases were officially detected in the province, while approximately 15 possible cases were being investigated. The news outlet also reported that all infected individuals were men engaged in sexual relations with other men. 

Monkeypox is not lethal and usually resolves itself within two to four weeks without complications. Symptoms include blisters on the body. 

It is also not a highly contagious virus. 

Canada’s public health agency also said they are putting efforts in securing more monkeypox vaccine doses. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic and the harsh measures imposed on those who chose not to get vaccinated, the new emphasis on monkeypox vaccination brings many questions. 

The public health agency has not expanded on how it will seek to administer these doses.

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