Canadian Court rules Iran purposefully shot civilian plane with the intent to destroy it, deems it an “intentional act of terrorism”

The Ontario Superior Court has ruled on Thursday that the downing of Flight 752 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was an intentional act of terrorism.

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On January 8, 2020, 176 passengers lost their lives when flight 752 which travelled Tehran to Kyiv was shot down by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. 

Of the 176 casualties, fifty-five were Canadian citizens and thirty were permanent residents of Canada. 

Justice Edward Belobaba from the Ontario Superior Court found that “the missile attacks on Flight 752 were intentional”, and that “the plaintiffs have established that the shooting down of Flight 752 by the defendants was an act of terrorism and constitutes ‘terrorist activity,’. 

A key expert in the decision stated that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards “knew Flight PS 752 was a civilian airplane and purposefully shot it down with the intent to destroy it.”

The ruling came after a civil suit was brought by the families of some of the victims. 

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps is a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces.

Despite the high toll of Canadian casualties, the Trudeau government has done very little to investigate the event or seek out retribution. Following the incident, Canada called for a thorough probe of the event, but it was clear at the time that Iran did not cooperate with international investigators and tempered with the crash site. 

While the ruling confirms what most of the international community already suspected, the Canadian government has shown no intention to act upon the Court’s finding and to seek justice for the families of the victims. 

The Conservative Party of Canada said this ruling should be used to place Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps on Canada’s list of terrorist groups, but the Trudeau government has shown no intention of doing so. 

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