Canadian government approves grant for children booklet saying Conservative Party “infiltrated” by racists, free speech a “common defence of hate propaganda”

The Canadian government approved a taxpayer-funded booklet promoting radical left-wing ideas.

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Canada’s Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen approved a $268,400 grant to fund a booklet intended at teaching school children about racism, Blacklock’s reported. 

The booklet, written by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a government-subsidized “anti-racism” organization, lays out very politically charged content intended for children. 

The booklet qualifies the Red Ensign flag, Canada’s national symbol until 1965, as a “hate promoting symbol”, an unsubstantiated left-wing conspiracy theory. 

“Its usage denotes a desire to return to Canada’s demographics before 1967 when it was predominantly white”, the booklet reads. 

The booklet aimed at school children also makes dubious political statements about “Conservative political parties”, notably the Conservative Party of Canada which is the main opposition to Justin Trudeau’s liberal party. 

By funding a booklet with taxpayer funds that directly attacks the opposing political parties, the Liberal government could be committing a serious ethical misstep. 

The guide also writes that  “a loose collection of young white nationalists”, or “groypers”,  “sometimes attempt to infiltrate mainstream Conservative political parties”, the booklet reads. 

The booklet also instructs children to challenge classmates who hold conservative beliefs such as Donald Trump’s wall to stop illegal immigration, which the booklet qualifies as “bigoted ideology” : “Sometimes educators and students will find themselves in the position of requiring an immediate response to a student in class who invokes a bigoted ideology […] While these situations should be treated carefully they need to be addressed as they happen”, the booklet reads. 

 “These incidents can range from mild to severe and each will require its own approach depending on the situation. Examples: A student argues in favour of a problematic politician or policy, e.g. Trump’s wall, in a classroom discussion.”

The booklet also takes aim at free speech and tells children to beware of classmates invoking freedom of speech, as it is among “common defences of hate propaganda”.

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