Canadian government boasts about welcoming “the most newcomers in a year in Canadian history”

The Canadian government boasted about beating an immigration influx record dating from 1913.

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“Canada has reached its target and welcomed more than 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021 surpassing the previous record from 1913”, the Canadian Department of Immigration wrote in a statement. 

“This is the most newcomers in a year in Canadian history”, they added. 

The prior record was set in 1913 as Canada welcomed 400,870 newcomers. 

This year’s immigration represents a 117% increase from last year, Blacklock’s reported. 

Despite the government’s mass immigration policy, recent polls show that a majority of Canadians would prefer to wait until the economy has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic before resuming a large immigration influx. 

In the Immigration department’s 2020 Annual Tracking Study, 57% of Canadians agreed with the statement that the country should be “limiting the number of immigrants coming to Canada” until the economy recovered. 

In the same study, nearly half of Canadians said the country was letting in too many immigrants, and that a majority of Canadians believed immigration caused “ Canada to change in ways [they didn’t] like.”

The recent Omicron variant and increased government restrictions have caused numerous employees in the service industry to lose employment once again. 

The government has not ceased to provide financial assistance to businesses and employees, despite the unprecedented increase in the country’s public debt. 

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