Canadian Government seeking “anti-racism”, “diversity/inclusion” advisor to be paid $115,000  yearly 

The Canadian government is seeking a “Senior Advisor, Diversity & Inclusion / Anti-racism”. 

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The selected candidate for the position of  “Senior Advisor, Diversity & Inclusion / Anti-racism” will earn a salary of $100,200 to $114,592, more than half the income of an average Canadian. 

It is unclear what the necessity for a “diversity and inclusion” advisor is. The ideal candidate should have “experience in developing, implementing or leading projects, programs or initiatives related to Diversity and Inclusion or Anti-Racism”. 

The candidate should also have experience in “promoting Diversity and Inclusion or Anti-racism”. 

The job listing was posted by the Courts Administration Service – Corporate Services – Human Resources Ottawa. 

The Trudeau government has added over $500 billion to the public debt since the start of the pandemic.

Among industrialized countries, Canada has generated one of the worst pandemic track records, with a reckless spending spree that failed to generate a strong economic recovery. 

Canada’s public debt now inches closer to highly indebted countries such as Japan as Greece. 

On September 20th, Canadians will head to the polls for a late summer election. 

The election, which many have deemed unnecessary, is expected to cost over $600 million in taxpayer’s money. 

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