Canadian govt. official refuses to say whether freedom convoy protests were considered ‘terrorists’ by the government

A senior Trudeau government official refused to say whether his department considered peaceful freedom convoy protestors as terrorists.

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Finance deputy minister Michael Sabia testified in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission last week, as reported by Blacklock’s

When asked whether he or his department considered the peaceful ‘freedom convoy’ protestors as ‘terrorists’, Sabia refused to give a clear answer. 

A freedom Convoy lawyer questioned Sabia about the government’s freeze on the personal bank accounts of peaceful protestors. 

“You have no information to the effect that they were terrorists,” the freedom convoy lawyer asked. 

“We had no information one way or the other on that issue”, Sabia answered. 

“So the answer is no?”, the lawyer then asked. 

“I said we had no information one way or the other on that”, Sabia responded, refusing to give a simple answer. 

“So you had no information one way or the other. Let’s make it clear. You were not informed, you were given no information, that these individuals in Ottawa protesting were terrorists, yes or no?”, the layer then asked. 

“Well, I’m not going to give you a yes or no answer”, Sabia added, refusing to clearly state that the peaceful protestors were not indeed terrorists. 

“Who takes responsibility for the fact these accounts were frozen, that people couldn’t pay their rent, that people couldn’t buy their groceries? Who takes responsibility for that?”, a lawyer for the Public Order Emergency Commission asked. 

“You’re starting to affect more than the protesters and you know that,” he added.

“In the first scenario you’re saying to the protester, ‘We are going to cut off the money you are using to buy gas for your truck.’ And in the second mode you’re saying, ‘We are going to cut off your family’s money that they use to buy groceries and pay rent so you’d better get out of this protest,’ right?”

On Thursday night, the liberal government, which is the subject of the current investigation on the invocation of the Emergencies Act to violently end a peaceful protest in Ottawa, asked the fundraising platform GoFundMe to identify how much of the freedom convoy fundraising came from Russia, pursuing a debunked conspiracy theory initiated by a CBC anchor.

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