Canadian lawmakers vote to ban RT  for ‘state-controlled disinformation’, but will continue to allow Chinese state TV

Canadian regulators voted in favour of banning Russian state media for ‘misinformation’ but will continue to tolerate Chinese state TV.


The Canadian House of Commons passed a motion on Monday to “issue an order of general application directing the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission to a new broadcasting policy that would remove state-controlled broadcasters that spread disinformation and propaganda from the CRTC’s list of non-Canadian programming services and stations authorized for distribution, effectively removing Russia Today from Canadian airwaves”, Blacklock’s reported. 

Prime minister Justin Trudeau was then asked whether his government would be “pushing for action on disinformation from networks in other countries”. 

“I think it’s a good question and one we should absolutely and are indeed reflecting on”, Trudeau answered, refusing to commit to banning Chinese state TV, a key proponent of disinformation. 

Although the Canadian House of Commons voted in favour of RT’s ban, this does not mean the channel is automatically banned. The CRTC is considered an “independent body”. 

Meanwhile, telecom providers in Canada started removing RT from their channel lists, including major players like Bell and Rogers. 

On Tuesday, a senior Trudeau Liberal suggested Canada should also ban Fox News for disinformation.

Canada also has a state-funded broadcaster, the CBC, which critics say has been overwhelmingly pro-Trudeau and left-wing biased over the last decade.

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