CBC ignores bombshell emails about Biden’s alleged corruption but peddled Trump Russia hoax for four years

For nearly four years, the CBC, along with other mainstream media outlets, has peddled a false narrative about collusion involving the Trump campaign team and Russian interests.

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This narrative was debunked after years of what the President calls a “witch hunt”. The Mueller report looked thoroughly into Donald Trump’s campaign team and the frivolous allegations of collusion and found absolutely “no evidence of collusion”.

A simple search for “Trump Russia” brings about 3,624 results on the CBC website. 

Yet on October 14th, the New York Post released a bombshell exposé about Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and an alleged cash-for-access scheme involving Russian oligarchs and Chinese firms. None of this was covered by CBC news. 

The emails were retrieved from a laptop that Hunter Biden, a known crack-addict, left at a computer shop and never retrieved. After the shop owner tried to get in touch with Hunter so that he could pick up his computer and pay for the repair, which he never did, the computer became the legal property of the store owner.

The hard drive was sent to the FBI after the shop owner made a copy of its content. The authenticity of the emails can be easily verified and is supported by pictures found on the hard drive of Hunter Biden in various situations, notably asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth. 

The emails are a smoking gun. They reveal that the drug-addict son of the then vice-president received massive financial compensation not for his experience in the field, -which he had none, but for his ability to introduce Burisma executives to the vice-president, which he did, as the email shows. 

The email shows a similar scheme involving Chinese firms. There are yet thousands of emails, pictures and minutes of audio to be revealed, some of which could be further incriminating.  

The Biden campaign hasn’t disputed the authenticity of the emails but claimed the then vice-president never met with the Burisma executive.

There are reasons to believe that Joe Biden was aware of the cash-for-influence scheme that his son ran, and that the then vice-president actually received a financial cut on his son’s alleged collusion proceeds. 

But in an era where politics comes before truth, it didn’t take long for Twitter and Facebook to censor the bombshell stories. The mainstream media, including CBC, abstained from reporting on this evidence of massive collusion. 

There is a real possibility that Joe Biden becomes president-elect on November 3rd. What other incriminating information will the Chinese and Russian regime hold over Biden’s head? In a world where journalists are watchdogs and truth seekers, this should be the most important question in today’s bulletin. 

But it’s not. And are we really surprised? 

UPDATE: As of October 22nd, the story has been rapidly evolving. CBC still has not covered the bombshell emails even though they have now been authenticated by sources involved in the communications.

CBC published a misleading article stating that the FBI was investigating whether the emails were part of a Russian disinformation effort.

They did not however follow up when the Director of National Intelligence came out and said there was ‘no intelligence tying Hunter Biden emails to Russian disinformation’, or when a senior law enforcement official said that the FBI and DOJ concurred with the DNI that the emails were not part of a disinformation campaign from Russia.

The basic facts of the case are even more revealing: the Biden campaign has not contested the authenticity of the emails. Not once has any Biden family member came out to say the emails were inauthentic.

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