CBC “panelist” who defended WE on air was paid $40K by Trudeau’s government

Blacklock’s reporter revealed that a CBC panelist who defended the WE charity on the air was actually paid $41,947 for various engagements by Justin Trudeau’s liberal government.


Amanda Alvaro, a self-described “political commentator, Progressive, PR Mama” struggled to defend what she called the “McDonald’s of charity” (WE Charity) following the tangled web of scandals linking the organization to members of the Trudeau and Morneau family.

During a CBC “Power and Politics” panel, Alvaro defended tooth and nail the WE Charity and the Trudeau government’s decision to go ahead with the 900 million dollars contract.

It was revealed soon after that her PR company received $16,950 from the Department of Foreign Affairs, which as Roberto Wakerell-Cruz from the Post Millennial pointed out “directly conflict with the Journalistic Standards and Practices at the CBC: “it is important to mention any association, affiliation or specific interest a guest or commentator may have so the public can fully understand that person’s perspective.”

Alvaro also received $24,997 for a “communications advice” contract with Trudeau’s Liberal Minister of Women Maryam Monsef, wrote Blacklock’s Reporter.

It was only after these figures were revealed publicly that Alvaro admitted her liberal allegiance: Facts: I’m a Liberal. That means I’m partisan.”

In all previous CBC appearances, Alvaro attempted to appear as though she was an impartial and unbiased political commentator.

On Twitter, she shares Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump videos and excerpts of a Chrystia Freeland press conference.

She unsurprisingly still defends the WE organization: “Meanwhile, Ministry of Ed cuts ties with WE along with major sponsors. Without any investigation. Based soley[sic] on unproven accusations and blantantly[sic] false stories like the one below”, she wrote about the decision of Ontario government to cut ties with the WE charity.  

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