Chicago Public Schools cancel all classes on Nov. 12 for ‘Vaccine Awareness Day’

The Chicago Public Schools class cancellations on November 12, 2021 are part of an effort to boost vaccinations among younger students who became eligible for shots this week.

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Chicago Public School officials said that they are canceling classes for all students in the public system “to ensure all eligible students have the opportunity to receive the vaccine as quickly as possible.”

In an email to parents, CPS CEO Pedro Martinez said, “Vaccination Awareness Day on Friday, November 12 is an opportunity for parents and guardians to take their children five years of age and older to get vaccinated at their pediatrician’s office, at a healthcare provider, or at a CPS school-based site or community vaccination event,”.

According to Chicago city data, over 58% of Chicago children between the ages of 12-17 have been vaccinated.

The Chicago Teachers Union, in a statement, is urging the Chicago Public School system to “set up a vaccination clinic at every school,”.

The Chicago Teachers Union also said they would like to see the district “organize after-school events and provide significant incentives for families,” to get vaccinated.

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