Chinese flag set to fly over Ontario’s legislature on Wednesday while China holds Canadian political prisoners

The People’s Republic of China flag is set to fly over Ontario’s legislature on Wednesday to celebrate China’s National Day.

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Meanwhile, two Canadian citizens are held prisoners in China for political motives. Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat and Michael Spavor, a Canadian entrepreneur are both held by the Chinese Communist Party as political hostages in retaliation for the Meng Wanzhou arrest.

Wanzhou was a Huawei executive arrested on Canadian soil in December 2018. She was arrested on fraud charges and for the conspiracy to commit fraud to circumvent the United States’ sanctions on Iran.

China has also proven to be an unreliable actor in the fight against COVID-19. Questions have been raised by the medical community about the origin of the virus, with many scientists believing that its origin can be traced back to a Wuhan lab.

The international community has been slowly waking up to China’s long-lasting abuse and deception, ranging from intellectual theft property to corporate espionage, robbing the United States and Canada of billions of dollars in technologies and trade secrets on a yearly basis.

China has also effectively taken ahold of Hong Kong and turned the democratic territory into another satellite of China, arresting protesters and pro-democracy activists to shut down any resistance.

The treatment of Uighurs has also become a hot topic for the international community. China is believed to have enslaved millions of its citizens because of their religion, packing them into camps and condemning them to forced labor, re-education and organ harvesting.

It has become clear that China is an enemy of democracy and of the international coalition that stands for principles of freedom and liberalism.

Flying the flag of such ‘evil regime’ would show a total misunderstanding of the Communist Party of China and its role as an abuser and as a danger to the international community.

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