City in British Columbia bans new constructions that would be heated by and use fossil fuels

Victoria, B.C. recently announced that it would be banning all new constructions including single-family homes to large towers from being heated with fossil fuels.

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The city is stipulating that by 2025, almost all new constructions must be “zero carbon” producers. Prior to this policy, the city council also declared a climate emergency in 2019.

The city council in Victoria says the ban is being put in place over concerns about pollution and climate change, the Vancouver Sun reports.

In a statement, the Mayor of Victoria Lisa Helps said, “Buildings account for nearly half of all greenhouse gas pollution generated in the city,”.

 “Each new building will last more than 50 years, so raising the bar now is critical to meeting our long-term climate goals, and to preparing the taxpayers of the future to have less climate-related costs down the road.”

Concerns have been raised by members of the building and development industry over the electrification of new large buildings due to the availability of proper machinery and equipment, expertise, costs, design issues, and having access to enough electricity.

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