City of Boston announces NYC-style vaccine pass for indoor spaces for people age 12+ and workers

On Monday, December 20, the City of Boston, Massachusetts announced a vaccine pass for certain indoor spaces and workers in those spaces.

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On Monday, the city of Bostom announced the “B Together” vaccine requirement for people over the age of 12-years-old for indoor dining, bars, nightclubs, gyms, and indoor entertainment.

The requirement will also apply to workers who work in these settings.

After March 1, 2022, children over the age of 5-years-old will also be required to show proof of vaccination.

The program will start on January 15, 2022, requiring people over the age of 12-years-old to provide proof of one dose and two doses beginning February 15, 2022. 

The City of Boston will also be making an app available to provide proof of vaccination. 

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