CNN’s Jake Tapper and Paula Newton shed light on Justin Trudeau’s failed vaccine rollout

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Paula Newton delivered a scathing exposé on the failures of the Trudeau government vaccine rollout and its consequences.

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“Bad news for our neighbors north: Canada is now outpacing the Unites states in terms of coronavirus cases per capita. This is a concerning uptick considering that the Canadian vaccine rollout is not going well at all”, Tapper said in his opening monologue.

“By comparison, in the U.S., one in three Americans have gotten their first shot. In Canada, fewer than one in five received their first shot”, Tapper added.

As the vaccination campaign is well under way in the United States, Canada’s rollout has been largely a failure, with most provinces resorting to vaccinating with single doses while the supply is too scarce to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for second-doses.

“I remember weeks where there were no vaccines”, Tasleem Nimjee, an emergency room physician at the Humber River Hospital said. “Vaccines change the game of this pandemic.”

“Canada is still on the losing end”, CNN correspondent Paula Newton added, even while Trudeau said the country had secured the most doses on a per capita basis out of all other countries.

“The vaccine drought will cost lives”.

In most provinces, the second shot of the COVID vaccine is postponed as long as four months, while the vaccine manufacturers recommend approximately three to four weeks in between shots.  

“Canada used to have a competitive advantage” in vaccine manufacturing, Newton adds. Trudeau has been in power 5 years, and “Canadians will now pay for the complacency”, she added. “It’s just too late at this point in time”.

CNN fails to mention that the main reason for the vaccine rollout failure was Trudeau’s early choice in the spring of 2020 to collaborate CanSino Biologics Inc, pharmaceuticals closely associated to the Chinese communist party apparatus, rather than to collaborate with AstraZeneca, a well known British-Swedish pharmaceutical with a valuable reputation.

When doses from the CanSino Biologics Inc vaccine were expected to leave China en route to Canada to begin human trials, the Chinese government refused to allow the doses to leave China.

The Trudeau government kept this fact hidden from the public until months later, when it was revealed randomly in a House of Commons committee that the CanSino doses had never made it to Canada for the human trials.

At that time, Canada had already fallen behind. While other countries were raking up large purchase orders, the Trudeau government stayed in the shadows of their failed deal.

It is hard to determine why the Canadian government chose CanSino Biologics Inc. over AstraZeneca, or why it chose China over the U.K., a strong ally.  

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