Education “expert” and teacher praised by mainstream media pleads guilty of voyeurism on teenagers

So-called education “expert” praised by the mainstream Quebec media pleaded guilty to a charge of voyeurism.

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Simon Lamarre, a 39-year professor teaching in two universities pleaded guilty to the charge. 

It was Lamarre’s ex-partner who alerted the police. Authorities found a dozen explicit videos of “young women” and “teenagers” recorded without their knowledge in public places. 

Lamarre used to teach fifth-graders in Montreal. 

In September 2020, undercover police followed Lamarre into the Montreal underground subway, where he was caught filming under teenager’s skirts as they went up an electronic staircase. 

Only a few weeks ago, and months after he was caught filming teenagers, the popular Quebec media La Presse ran a story about Lamarre. 

The story titled “A male teacher, what’s the difference?” expanded on Lamarre’s idea that male teachers should be more valued. 

The detailed article, published in June 2021, made no mention of Lamarre’s arrest in September 2020. 

The platform given to him by La Presse raised serious questions about the media’s vetting process of so-called “experts”. 

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