Elders in Quebec seniors residence allegedly left sitting for days “in their own urine”

A seniors residence in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is under fire for allegedly letting its elder residents sit in their own urine for days without proper care.

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Employees of the Brooks residence spoke to TVA Nouvelles, a local news chain, to inform the media of the situation. 

The Brooks residence is currently experiencing a COVID outbreak. 

“We don’t even have time to ask them how they’re doing,” one employee told TVA Nouvelles.  “Residents are left in their urine for days without being changed or washed. They don’t have access to a bath. It’s been going on for over a week. We’re completely overwhelmed, we need help.”

Seven residents and six employees tested positive as of Monday. Other employees were put in preventive quarantine.

Resources of the residence are scarce. Employees said they have been working 12-hour shifts every day for over a week now. 

The owners of the Brooks residence refused to comment on the situation. 

Seniors’ residences have been severely impacted by COVID. During the first wave of COVID, another seniors residence, Herron, became infamous for the tragic deaths of 31 residents.

Health authorities found the residence deserted and nearly void of staff. Residents were starved and left in their filth. While the residence claimed two of its residents died during the outbreak, the total death toll was actually 31.

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