Electoral fraud: what is going on in the U.S.? An interview with essayist Guy Millière

"Joe Biden will only become President if the laws of the United States are all violated and universal suffrage is replaced by fraud. If the Constitution and the laws are respected, he will not be President."

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An interview with Guy Millière, French essayist and Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, New York.

Donald Trump says the Democrats are trying to steal the election with voter fraud. How do you feel about that?

That’s exactly what’s happening. The fraud is massive and unprecedented. It is a very serious violation of the democratic process. They are a continuation of the creeping coup d’état led by the Democrats since Trump was elected on November 8, 2016. A chapter in my book ‘After Trump?’ describes the various stages of the creeping coup, with references and supporting documents.

The Democrats have been preparing for the fraud and theft of the presidential election for several months. The sending of more than 80 million ballots not requested by voters was one stage of the frauds, and people often received multiple ballots, including ballots in the names of deceased persons.

Ballot harvesting, the collection of ballots from retirement homes or the homes of the elderly, was a second step. On election night, when the Democrats saw that Trump was going to win, they stopped the vote count in several key Democratic states, and when the count resumed, “miraculously,” misplaced ballots brought in urgently, all in the name of Biden.

Republican observers were excluded from most counting locations. Multiple complaints have been filed by Donald Trump’s campaign, and the complaints that will follow their course have been included in the count. Complaints have been filed and will take their course. It will probably end up in the Supreme Court. It’s not just the re-election of Donald Trump that is at stake. It is American democracy itself.

Democrats are behaving criminally. The fact that the major American media have declared Biden the winner and that Joe Biden has proclaimed himself President-elect does not change anything to what I have just said. It is not the media that declares who is President. The United States has a Constitution and laws.

Do you think the next president will be chosen by the Supreme Court?

If it goes all the way to the Supreme Court, which is quite possible now, the answer is probably yes. The role of the Supreme Court is to ensure compliance with the Constitution and the laws. This means refusing and dismissing violations of the Constitution and the laws in force. And in this case, there is a flagrant violation of the Constitution and the laws in force.

Who will be declared the winner?

If the laws are obeyed, in the end, of course, Donald Trump. If the laws of the United States are all violated, it will be Joe Biden, and that will mean that the United States is a country where universal suffrage is being replaced by fraud.

Late in the evening of November 3, as I said, when the Democrats realized that their previous manoeuvres had not been sufficient and that Donald Trump was going to win, they stopped the counting procedures at several counting locations, brought in additional fraudulent ballots to ensure Joe Biden’s victory, and resumed the count, which under these conditions became favourable to Biden.

The Supreme Court will deny and dismiss the frauds, which are violations of the Constitution and applicable laws. It is a disgrace that a major political party in a democracy behaves like the American Democratic Party. The American Democratic Party has become in the time of Barack Obama a party of the extreme left that no longer respects rules and principles, and for which the end justifies the means.

Are you surprised by the good performance of Trump, which outwitted the pollsters as in 2016?

No, I wasn’t surprised. The polls had seemed biased to me for months and had become political tools to discourage Trump voters. Enthusiasm has not ceased to be on Trump’s side. Virtually no voters voted for Biden. Some voters voted for Trump, others voted against Trump. Anti-Trump hate speech and misinformation about Trump mobilized a fraction of voters, but hatred of a candidate is not enough to win an election.

Trump continued to embody hope. The Democrats have continued to make a very dark speech. What surprised me is that so many voters who voted against Trump were able to vote for Joe Biden, a senile and highly corrupt man who is obviously incapable of assuming the office of President and who belongs in prison, not in the White House. What surprised me too is the extent of the fraud and its blatant nature. I think the Democrats expected Donald Trump to get fewer votes than he got, which forced them to defraud even more.

Since when would the media choose a President of the United States?

As I said, the media never picks the winner in a democracy worthy of the name. There is a blatant willingness on the part of Democrats to continue to violate the Constitution and the laws, to intimidate judges, to try to present the people with a fait accompli.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. media, with rare exceptions, are at their service. By November 2016, most U.S. media outlets have ceased to be news media, have transformed themselves into Democratic Party propaganda organs and have placed themselves entirely at the service of the creeping coup.

Biden will never be president, investigations will follow and the Supreme Court will confirm Trump’s victory. What do you think about this?

As I said there again, Joe Biden will only become President if the laws of the United States are all violated and universal suffrage is replaced by fraud. If the Constitution and the laws are respected, he will not be President. If the Constitution and the law are thrown out, he will become the most illegitimate President in history.

If justice follows, fraud will be condemned, and Joe Biden will not be President. If the frauds are proven, the Supreme Court will only be able to confirm Trump’s victory. It will soon become clear whether the Constitution and laws of the United States are still respected and whether universal suffrage is still respected in the United States. I dare to hope that this will be the case.

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