Elon Musk tells Twitter employees “bankruptcy isn’t out of the question”

Days after taking over the company, Elon Musk told employees “bankruptcy isn’t out of the question” for Twitter.

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On Thursday, Elon Musk reportedly told employees “he’s not sure how much run rate the company has”, according to managing editor Zoë Schiffer.

“Bankruptcy isn’t out of the question” either, Musk reportedly told employees.

The sale of Twitter to Elon Musk was finalized on October 27 for over $44 billion. The world’s richest man has since then generated controversy after announcing the platform would charge $8 monthly for a verified checkmark and some other benefits.

Despite criticizing the platform’s content moderation rules and suppression of conservative speech, Musk also announced the current content moderation policies would not change following the acquisition, as the company will form a “content moderation council” to take further decisions.

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