Every single day last week the U.S. experienced record-breaking gas prices

Last week, between May 9th and May 15th, the United States a new record-breaking gas price high for the national average per gallon gas price.

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Likewise, on May 16, 2022, another record-high national average gas price was reached at $4.483 per gallon of regular gas.

Currently, diesel sits at an average price of $5.566 per gallon, according to AAA gas prices. 

At the moment, only three states in the nation are sitting below a $4/gal average. Oklahoma, Georgia, and Kansas are the only states in the nation with an average cost of regular gas below $4 a gallon. 

California is edging near a $6/gal average, currently standing at a $5.983/gal average. 

California, Washington, and Nevada all have an average price per regular gallon of gas over $5. While Oregon has a $4.999 average price per regular gallon of gas.

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