Ex-conservative MP, now RBC manager gets cars arsoned at his home by radical ecoterrorists

Michael Fortier, an ex-Conservative MP and now part of the Royal Bank of Canada’s high management was the victim of an arson attack at his family home.

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On Wednesday morning at 2 am, a fire emerged on Mr. Fortier’s driveway in Mont-Royal, Quebec. Fortier’s Jaguar, and another unidentified vehicle, were torched.

On May 5th, the Montreal anarchist website “Montreal Counter-Info” published an anonymous article claiming responsibility for the attack. 

“Late in the night, on May 4th, individuals acting in the spirit of vengeance visited the home of Michael Fortier on Chester Avenue. Mr. Fortier was a federal cabinet minister under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Today, he is the vice-chairman of capital markets at the Royal Bank of Canada”, the anarchists wrote. 

“Tucked away in his big house in the Town of Mount-Royal (a wealthy Montreal neighborhood separated by a long wall from the poor and exploited), Mr. Fortier no doubt feels at ease with his employer’s decision to continue funding the Coastal GasLink pipeline (or any other disgusting project financed by RBC).”

“As glaciers melt and drought, fire and famine spread, Mr. Fortier may think that his money and connections will protect him, his children and his grandchildren. But the ecologically dispossessed will know the names of those responsible. He must understand that no one is safe amid this storm”, the anarchists added in what sounds eerily like a threat to Fortier’s family. 

“On the night in question, flames spread from an incendiary device to the engine block of his Jaguar, parked in front of his home. This act is in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land defenders and all those who fight the extractive industry.” 

The Montreal police are currently investigating the event, which is not the first of its kind to happen in Montreal. Numerous acts of vandalism were committed against RBC properties in Montreal during the last few months. The police have not made any notable arrests related to the arson or Antifa vandalism.

Ecoterrorists have been attacking the Royal Bank of Canada for its funding of a pipeline project designed to export liquefied natural gas to Asian markets. The infrastructure will help export Canadian energy to markets that are heavily reliant on Russian energy resources. 

In November 2018, Fortier gave $1 million to the Sainte-Justine Children Hospital in Montreal.

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