EXCLUSIVE: Canadian military and Department of National Defense members told performance “will be evaluated on whether they demonstrate inclusive behaviours”

In an email sent out to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces and public servants at the Department of National Defense, members are told that beginning April 1, 2022, members would “be evaluated on whether they demonstrate inclusive behaviours.”

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In an exclusive email received by Marie Oakes from one of the email recipients, the email reads that “beginning April 1, 2022, the performance of all Defense Team members–be they DND Public Service employees or CAF members– will be evaluated on whether they demonstrate inclusive behaviours.”

The email also says that “the concept and practice of inclusive behaviour” will factor into how military members and public servants are promoted.

“As part of that work, you’ll continue to see the concept and practice of inclusive behaviour factored into how we recruit, train, retain and promote all Defence Team members.“

The email continues, “Inclusive behaviour is a key component of treating one another with dignity and respect, both of which build critical trust between team members.”

The Department of National Defense then acknowledges that this is a change to previous management policies training, and performance evaluations. 

“It’s not a new expectation of Defense Team members, however, previous performance management and assessment tools did not explicitly define or identify inclusive behaviours,” adding that “This is why we are phasing in changes to make expectations more clear, and all of us more accountable for meeting them.”

The email in the “What this means for you” section that “As a member of a Defense Team, you will strive to demonstrate inclusive behaviours throughout the year, and you will have discussions with your supervisors about these behaviours as part of your performance evaluation.”

The military will also introduce an “Inclusive behaviours rating” to be used in the evaluation.

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