Facebook demonetizes satire website ‘The Babylon Bee’ for incitement of “violence”

The CEO of the Babylon Bee said on Twitter Tuesday that Facebook demonetized the satire website for incitement of “violence” for a Monty Python joke.


The article in question that caused the Babylon Bee to be demonetized on Facebook was entitled ‘Senator Hirono Demands ACB Be Weighed Against A Duck To See If She Is A Witch’.

The CEO of the website Seth Dillion went to Twitter to air his frustrations over the removal of the article from Facebook and the resulting demonetization.

In a tweet, Dillion wrote “In what universe does a fictional quote as part of an obvious joke constitute a genuine incitement to violence? How does context not come into play here? They’re asking us to edit the article and not speak publicly about internal content reviews. Oops, did I just tweet this?”

Dillion pointed out a double standard in how Facebook applies policy writing, “A Black Lives Matter leader said that if change doesn’t happen, they’ll “burn down this system.” That’s allowed on Facebook. You can quote it. You can link to it. But a Monty Python joke about burning a witch at the stake? That’s incitement to violence. (clown emoji) show.”

This is not the first time the Babylon Bee has been censored by a social media company. In August, the Twitter account belonging to the Babylon Bee was banned without warning. However, the account was reinstated after some time and Twitter claimed that the ban was an accident. 

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