FAILED BID: After spending $610 million, Canadians refuse to grant Trudeau majority government 

Justin Trudeau failed to secure a majority government in what most voters deemed to be a deeply “unnecessary” election. 

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As of Wednesday morning, 99% of the polls were reporting and the results appeared to be a liberal minority government with a projected seat count of 158, only one seat away from their 2019 election result of 157 seats. 

The Conservatives appear to be leading in 119 ridings, securing the same amount of seats as they had when the House was dissolved to go into an election. 

Current results show the Bloc picked up two seats, the NDP picked up one seat and the Green Party lost one seat. 

The People’s Party of Canada failed to elect a Member of Parliament. 

Despite the lower seat count, the Conservative Party of Canada actually outpaced the Liberal Party in the popular vote. 

Erin O’Toole obtained 34% of the vote share while the liberals obtained 32.2%. Due to the country’s poor electoral system, the popular vote fails to translate into representation. 

Maxime Bernier’s party went from less than 2% of the popular vote to 5.1% of the vote, a substantial increase that could have elected Conservative MPs in many hot ridings. 

Conservative pundits criticized Erin O’Toole’s “liberal-conservative” strategy which failed to help the CPC make gains in the Toronto suburbs as promised by the leader. 

Users pointed out that O’Toole’s poll numbers started crashing in early September when the conservative leader said he would respect the province’s domestic vaccination passports, and that the federal government would help create one for international travel. 

For Justin Trudeau, the election win may feel more like a defeat as the prime minister sought a majority government. He now finds himself nearly exactly where he stood before the election, with no clear mandate from Canadians. 

Justin Trudeau hoped that a divisive rhetoric against Canadians who chose not to get vaccinated against COVID would help him win a majority of seats, but voters likely disapproved of the angry and misleading rants about the unvaccinated putting “children at risk”. 

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