Family of dying man denied the right to say goodbye because they were not double vaccinated

The family of a man who died on July 6th was denied the right to visit him for three weeks because they had only received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Mr. Ampleman was dropped at the emergency room of the CHUM, one of two major healthcare institutions in Montreal, in early June.

Appleman suffered from a late-stage cancer. He learned soon after his arrival, as he was left alone in the hospital, that there was “nothing else to be done”. 

Three weeks later, on July 6th, Appleman died. 

Throughout the three-weeks stay at the hospital, Appleman’s sons were not allowed to visit their dying father. 

While the sons had received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as early as prescribed by the government, they had to wait for the 8-week delay between the first dose and the second dose as per the Quebec government’s guidelines. 

“But we were not told the day before he died that his condition was so advanced. During the first week of his hospitalization, we were forbidden to visit him, saying that he was not sick enough. I had found the Ministry’s directive and did not understand why it was not applied. I checked with Montreal Public Health and they simply confirmed that the directive was in effect and told me to contact the CHUM management”, his wife said. 

On the basis of having received only one dose, the CHUM refused to let the sons see their dying father.

After pointing out that the refusal of access to their dying father was in contradiction to the health ministry guidelines, the hospital changed its mind and let the sons see their father on the day of his death.

However, the family says it was “too late”. Mr. Appleman had become “confused”. 

“My spouse had became confused”, his wife said. “The CHUM robbed us of our last three weeks of life during which we could have been together, having beautiful exchanges.”

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