Ford government passes motion to extend Emergency Orders up to December 2021

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario passed a motion on Monday to allow the renewal of the Emergency Orders until December.

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The Ontario government renewed the Emergency Orders until at least June 16, 2021, but the government has given itself permission to extend it until December. 

The State of Emergency and Emergency Orders are distinct measures used by the Ontario government. The Emergency Orders allow the government to impose and apply strict measures such as forcingly closing down business, limit social gatherings and apply other various health measures decreed by the government. 

The Emergency Orders have to be extended every 30 days, but the motion passed on Monday included “the power to amend and extend the orders expires on the first anniversary of the day the orders were continued by the Act”

“Whereas the Premier has recommended that the powers to amend and extend the orders be extended to December 1, 2021;

Therefore, the powers to amend and extend the orders referred in subsection 8 (1) of the Act are extended until the end of the day on December 1, 2021”, the motion reads. 

Ontario’s MPP for York Centre Roman Baber expressed his frustration about the motion: 

Other users expressed discontent with the decision of the government to extend the Emergency Powers: 

The motion comes amidst a steep decrease in COVID cases in Ontario as the province’s vaccination campaign is well underway. 

On Tuesday, the day after the motion was passed, Ontario reported fewer than 700 new cases for the first time since October 2020. 

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